In our developed housing projects; we are concentrating to the living quarters construct, hope and imaginations that can become green instead brick and beam.


Peaple Oriented Architecture

We are developing projects of durableness, esthetics, functionality basis that takes human life in the centre with archtecture approach. We ground on human peace, trust and happiness from foundation of the building to the roof in every stage of the construction.


We are following the new technologies and developing architecture disposition definitely in every stage of our projects we are using necessary technology and time so fetilizing the time and sources.

Multi Directional Approach

We are care about environmental and social factors as quality of materials in our distinguished designed projects. We are building living quarters with advantages like safety, green zones and transportation.

Demir Home


Demir Home is a building society that is established in 2010 for producing investment value projects in Antalya and its around. We are providing attentive and detailed building management services in public and specific sector.

Urban transformation project, restoration- renovation and tender- we are getting into the act for commitment area.

 Our every projects point is human

We are developing construction projects with architecture approach that takes the human life in the centre of the basis durableness, functionality and esthetres.

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